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dara-stahl Eisenhandelsges. mbH & Co. KG was founded on January 1st, 1970 as an OHG by Mrs. Brigitte Rabelt and Mr. Fritz Dahlbüdding in Dortmund. Mrs. Brigitte Rabelt left the company on January 1st, 1971. Mr. Gustav Rabelt became the new partner. On February 2, 1972, the company was renamed into its current legal form GmbH & Co. KG.
Gustav Rabelt died on May 28, 1976; the company was then managed by the remaining shareholder, Mr. Fritz Dahlbüdding, as the managing director with sole power of representation.
On December 1, 1991, Mr. Dahlbüdding resigned from the management and was then available to the company as a consultant. Dipl.-Betriebswirt Matthias Zolper became the new managing director. After the death of Mr. Fritz Dahlbüdding on March 19, 1994, Mr. Matthias Zolper took over all shares in the company on October 24, 1996 and has been the sole managing partner of the company since then. In October 1996, the company's headquarters were relocated from Dortmund to Karlsruhe.
The object of the company is trading in rolled mill products. Trading houses and industrial end users in Germany and other European countries are supplied.

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